BTB is currently taking video auditions for the 2020/2021 school year. The video will serve as a first evaluation.

In the video please include:

  • Barre – only to one side and not more than 5 minutes
  • Center: tendu /  adagio / pirouettes en de hors and en de dans / pirouettes in attitude or arabesque
  • Center : Jumps – small, medium and grand allegro. Please include some jumps with battu.
  • Boys: double tour
  • Girls: Pointe work including: echappe /  releves / on one foot, pirouettes en de hors and en de dans / a diagional of turns
  • Girls and Boys ages 15 to 18 – a classical variation

It you do not have access to a studio, just do the best you can at home. If you film at home please do just a few small jumps and a bit of pointe work at the barre. If you film at home the variations isn’t necessary unless you can send an old video that was filmed before the quarantine.

Send videos and your full CV and 3 full length ballet photos in leotard and tights to:

Application Form (PDF)